Support Staff

The premium services staff have many years of experience in computer related fields with degrees, training and certifications in networking and D-Link technology. Our technicians are trained to resolve most networking issues. In certain circumstances callbacks may be made to ensure customer satisfaction.


Three subscription plans to choose from. Services are available 24/7


D-Link TechConnect premium services is a fee based technical support consultation. By purchasing a support package you will be signifying your understanding and acceptance of the following terms of service: Support incidents are charged on a per issue basis. Only one device can be consulted on per issue / incident. Support packages will expire 12 months after the purchase date. Customers will have a 7 day grace period in which they can call regarding the same issue with the same device. After the expiry of the 7 day grace period, customers will be required to purchase a new support package or use an additional incident from their existing package. Due to circumstances beyond our control, D-Link cannot guarantee a resolution to your issue. The fee is for a consultation service and will apply whether your problem is completely resolved or not. By purchasing a TechConnect Support package you’re acknowledging your understanding and acceptance of the limitations and conditions of these terms of service.

Consumer Premium Services

Leading the Industry in Pay-For-Support Services!

*** All D-Link Service Packages are non-refundable. All Sales are final.